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Employment Law

Employment Legislation is becoming more and more complex with the advent of new rights for workers and new obligations for employers.

M Reale Solicitors is proud of always being up-to-date with the constant changing nature of current Employment legislation, which enables us to provide a high quality, practical service with the most cost effective price.

If you are an employer and want to ensure that your company’s internal disciplinary procedures are in accordance with current legislation; or if you are an employee who feels that you have missed out on promotion on grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, etc., our office can help you.

Employment Legislation requires special care, especially as it often involves disputes between people who have worked together for years, creating an awkward working environment.

Therefore when resolving these disputes, it must be taken into account that the relationship between those involved may be affected, resulting in unnecessary emotional strain on both parties.

When working on a case, we do our utmost to resolve it as quickly as possible and in order to achieve this, we adopt a conciliatory approach.

However, if quick solutions are not possible, we always focus our energy on achieving the best possible result for our clients.












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