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Marcelo Reale is a solicitor and a member of The Law Society of England and Wales. He holds a Masters Degree in European Law from the Berlin Freie Universitaet in Germany, where he specialised, amongst other subjects, in European Law, acquiring an extensive knowledge of the immigration laws of the European Community, of which the United Kingdom is a Member State. Qualified in Brazil and the UK, Marcelo is also a member of the Law Society in both countries.

In London, Marcelo Reale worked as a lawyer at Tower Hamlets Law Centre, a not-for-profit organisation, after which he began his career in the private sector, specialising in Immigration and Human Rights Law, whilst at the same time providing voluntary legal advice in the Greenwich area, for numerous cases involving immigration, Human Rights and Benefits issues.

Marcelo Reale is accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales as a specialist in immigration, and for this reason in 2005 he became part of an on-duty team of solicitors in the Harmondsworth and Yarlswood detention centres, as part of a programme developed by the Legal Services Commission.

A member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association, Marcelo Reale regularly takes part in meetings and workshops concerning relevant and up to date immigration issues in the United Kingdom.

Marcelo has considerable and extensive experience of making appeals and petitions to the High Court.

In addition to working on all matters concerning Immigration, Marcelo Reale also works in the areas of Family Law, Employment Law and Compensation, as well as providing the relevant legal assistance to obtain European Citizenship. Since February 2007, Marcelo Reale has worked, alongside a highly qualified team of professionals, at his own offices which are located at 17 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7NL.












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